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Coach Enos’ On the Field Post Game Presser Video


Here is Coach Enos’ post game presser video. I was impressed with his candor and frankness, particularly at the beginning.

Mike and I will address many of Coach’s discussion points in our upcoming Spring Game recaps and player/position breakdowns.

In the meantime, feel free to leave any thoughts or conclusions you may have formed based on the recent Spring Game and player/coach interviews.

Check back with TCR for continued coverage of the Spring Game.

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4 Responses to “Coach Enos’ On the Field Post Game Presser Video”


    “Ice, Ice, Baby”…………………just show me!


    Great stuff! Thank you. I cannot wait for the fall to get here!

  3. arrows80

    Was Enos talking to Andre Rison at the end of that video? He made a reference to “Spider-Man.” Is Rison helping out or on the staff?

  4. Andrew

    He’s not on the staff, but I know Rison was at last year’s Spring Game. Given that he and Enos played together at MSU–and I don’t know any other Rison who is nicknamed Spider Man–I’m betting it was Andre. Good catch and nice avatar (pic).

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