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New Commit: QB, Cooper Rush

By Mike

  • Name: Cooper Rush
  • School: Lansing Catholic Central, MI
  • Position: QB
  • Height: 6’3″
  • Weight: 220 lbs.
  • [7-7 Highlights]

Photo courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

Both and are reporting that highly touted QB recruit, Cooper Rush has committed to CMU. That bumps the class up to 9 players. Congratulations to the CMU football team on landing this young man and of course, congratulations to Cooper!

More to come on the newest Chippewa, Cooper Rush.

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5 Responses to “New Commit: QB, Cooper Rush”

  1. fireup

    2? who is the other QB?

  2. Mike

    I stand corrected. I thought for some reason Trevor McDonough had committed. Nice catch fireup!

  3. CMU

    I give Enos credit for getting a QB in this class. I know every coach likes to get a QB almost every year for depth reasons but it must have been hard to recruit a kid to come in a year after Niznak


    @CMU: The thought with the QB position is to have open competition every Spring–it brings out the best in everyone. I’m hoping like hell we can land Blackburn too and see which uber talented star rises to the top once Radcliff’s reign at the top is over.

  5. CMU

    True, ive heard that alot of the interest in Blackburn is really as an athlete. Im sure he thinks he is a QB and prob wouldnt report if his offer was as an athlete if that is the case. idk

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